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Evolutionary Strategies, Game-Changing Results – Unveiling the TNTDPC Paradigm.

Our dedication lies in driving growth across key sectors and fostering collaboration to empower industries and SMEs, propelling them towards global excellence.

Crafting a Tech-Infused for Tamil Nadu

Our approach is anchored on three key pillars


We cultivate strategic alliances and collaborative ventures to drive growth and innovation within the industry.


We place a strong emphasis on R&D, actively fostering it to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.


Our commitment extends to all-encompassing support and services for technical enhancements and innovation to launch startups and boost outcomes.


(TNTDPC) is a collaborative endeavour between the Government of Tamil Nadu and the Confederation of Indian Industry. It is supervised by an Apex Governing Council, chaired by the Secretary of the Technology Development Board, Government of India, and consists of members from the Governments of India and Tamil Nadu, as well as industry and CII representatives.

We seek to facilitate exponential growth, promote scalability, and introduce new capabilities. Over the past fifteen years, TNTDPC has provided industries with the essential support, systems, and resources to build a competitive presence. We believe that the strategic deployment of technology is the most effective strategy to increase an organisation's competitiveness.

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Our specialised services are meticulously curated to help startups and businesses in optimising operations, enhancing productivity, and advancing technologically.

our Sectors

In every sector, efficiency and quality are paramount. Our services are thoughtfully customised to correspond with the diverse needs of each industry, driving their advancement.

Agri & Food Processing

We tailor our solutions to optimise agricultural and food processing operations, ensuring maximum efficiency and quality throughout the supply chain.

Aerospace & Defence

Our services are finely tuned to meet the rigorous standards of the aerospace and defence industries, supporting innovation and excellence in manufacturing and technology


We specialise in providing solutions that streamline automotive processes, enhancing production efficiency and product quality to meet the demands of a competitive market.

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